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HALLOWEEN: Catholic Church shocked how easy it was to lure children with candy.

Last Halloween, the Catholic Church embraced the tradition by luring children into its meaty grasp with the sweet temptation of sugar treats.

For decades the Catholic Church has looked at Halloween as a Satanic holiday and has chosen not to participate in it. Instead, they would canvas the neighborhoods reminding those who are out with their children dressed up as superheroes and princesses, that they are going to go to hell.

But because of dwindling numbers, they have decided to embrace a different approach. If you can't beat them, join them. So this year, it became the first year that Pope Francis has agreed to allow each church to hand out confection at their location.

It was incredible. Children would come up to me and take candy. All sorts of children." Reverend Dwight Booth of the Holy Reno Catholic Church, "They would come right up to me and offer me a deal. A trick or a treat. Well, we know I'm going to choose treat every time."

With the scores of children holding out their bags looking for some sort of treat, cause Rev. Booth to have a mild stroke and had to be rushed to hospital.

Plans to give out candy to children have been implemented into the daily services that the church offers so parents will bring out their children in droves.

"I can't think of a better plan." Said Rev. Booth.


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