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Church of Satan utilizing Reverse Exorcism: The Devil commands the Priest to leave the Child's body.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

The Church of Satan, the offshoot branch of the Christian religion that is neither Christian or Religious has implemented the Reverse Exorcism.

The Church of Satan recently made news where they added the ability to get an abortion to their official religion, so those seeking to do so, will have religious privilege. Well, now they have implemented the Reverse Exorcism.

A regular exorcism utilizes a religious representative, like a priest, excising a demon or spirit from an unsuspecting host body. A reverse exorcism is less supernatural, and more about finding and persecuting religious figures who sexually abuse and rape children.

"Sexual abuse is rampant in religions. We are taking it upon ourselves to consciously try to stop it and bring attention to it." Said Church of Satan representative, B.L. Zebub. "Satan gets too much of a bad wrap, for not having done anything."


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