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Mary's father didn't realize her value after selling her to Joseph. Wants reparations.

Joachim, who sold his 14 year-old daughter Mary to the 90 Year old Joseph is demanding more camels because he didn't realize that she would give birth to the son of God.

Bethlehem. Joachim, the father of Mary, is demanding reparations for his daughter because when he sold her to Joseph for 2 camels, he didn't realize that she would become the mother of Jesus, the saviour of mankind.

"I feel like I got the wrong end of this deal." said Joachim. "I was selling a virgin who could breed some good stock so he could expand his furniture empire, I didn't expect world recognition."

As soon as Joseph realized that his wife would end up becoming the mother of the Christian saviour, ended up raising his prices and opening up several furniture stores that gives free wine with purchase.

"Business has never been better." Said Joseph. "After the testimonials from the wise men, I can't keep mangers in stock. And Jesus only makes the best vintages."

Meanwhile Joachim has sold the camels for less than the going rate and refocused his endeavours by starting a 'Grandfather of the Saviour' coffee shop that sells fine pastries and coffees from around the region. So far business hasn't caught on, and it looks like he may have to close his doors.


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