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Christian Mom defies God and doesn't murder her children.

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

A mother of three doesn't murder her children when things got a little tough, because sometimes life is a little tough and murdering children is wrong.

Gary, IN. Christine Crawford-Hanes, stayed her hand and didn't murder her children [who shall remain nameless for their protection] in the name of Jesus Christ because she valued the life of her children over the voice in her head that told her that she should kill the children to be saved from the devil.

"I figured that sometimes life is a little rough. If they live through it, then they will have learned valuable lessons that they can take with them to adult-hood." said Ms. Crawford-Hanes.

The Evil In Them Was Powerful

At first Ms. Crawford-Hanes thought that the children, were possessed by the devil because they were demanding, whiney, wouldn't go to bed, wanted the same story read over and over and wouldn't eat their dinner. "They are tiring. All the time. I can't imagine that NOT being the work of the devil." She quickly realized that they were just being children and that she was probably a poor parent.

It turns out that Ms. Crawford-Hanes had her children very young, and wasn't in a position to financially take care of them. When an abortion was suggested, she claimed she was pro-life. Now that she has thought of murdering her own children, she has certainly taken the pro-choice stance.

Now Ms. Crawford-Hanes has asked her family for help with the children, and has enrolled in the many government social programs that help single mothers in just this situation.


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